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Our expertise lies in identifying and targeting consumers through the right locations in the most teachable moments.

Your brand is not just delivered, it’s recommended by someone known and trusted, leading to a high likelihood of purchase. Point-of-influence programs can be designed and executed across a variety of categories and channels.

Here are a few examples of work spanning categories and target audiences. To learn more, contact us.

Brita® wanted to leverage fitness professionals to drive purchase among active high-consumption users at Target. Using Aha’s! ForYourMembers’ exclusive network of fitness influencers, studios within select retail trade areas were sent branded product and messaging to place within their studio or gym. An independent audit of studio owners found that 80% of participants are more likely to recommend the brand after this program.

Almay® came to Aha! to design a custom ForYourPatients network of Optometrists to gain recommendation and drive trial among female consumers with sensitive eyes. Almay® samples, offers and educational materials were provided to Optometrists near Walgreens stores to share with patients. Third-party research showed that over 80% found it valuable and would recommend Almay® more often.

Pirate’s Booty® was promoted among millennial families in underperforming sales markets to drive trial and purchase. Aha’s! ForYourParents network reached families through kids sports, fitness & recreation and childcare providers. Almost 90% of participating influencers reported the program was valuable to parents, with 81% saying they would recommend Pirate’s Booty to parents. Trial was gained among new users, with 45% of those surveyed stating they had not heard of Pirate’s Booty before.

Fresh Step® Cat Litter, IAMS™ Cat Food and FELINE GREENIES™ Dental Treats partnered to generate awareness and drive purchase among pet parents at Target near National Cat Day. Aha’s! trusted ForYourPets network of shelter professionals and veterinarians provided offers and branded materials to new cat parents at their point-of-care or point-of-adoption. An independent survey showed that 93% of professionals found the program valuable to clients, and 8 out of 10 said they are more likely to recommend the brands.

AE Dairy aimed to increase fluid milk consumption among millennial families by shifting the perceptions of moms. Credentialed healthcare and childcare providers in Aha’s! ForYourPatients and ForYourParents networks provided education to parents on how milk contributes to the health and development of their children. 77% of influencers who participated found the program valuable to their clients or parents, and 92% rated the program excellent or very good.

Weleda introduced their line of natural babycare products to expecting and new moms through our exclusive ForYourMoms network of midwives and doulas. The results overwhelmingly confirmed that moms are more likely to purchase Weleda after a recommendation from their childbirth educator. 99% of participants reported they are more likely to recommend to their clients, and even during COVID-19 shutdowns.

Clorox® cleaning products were promoted among families through Aha’s! ForYourPatients vast network of pediatrician offices. Third-party research showed that 97% of healthcare professionals found the program helpful to parents and 78% said they would recommend Clorox® products.

Enviroscent wanted to generate brand preference and loyalty in targeted retail markets through recommendation from trusted childbirth educators. Aha’s! exclusive ForYourMoms network of childbirth educators received products and branded materials to share with their clients and peers. 88% of professionals who participated reported that they found the program valuable to their clients, and 82% stated they are more likely to purchase enviroscent products.

BOOST® was looking to generate purchase and recommendation through qualified wellness and fitness professionals in areas with high 65+ population clusters. Through a high engagement activation, 76% of professionals reported satisfaction and the effort successfully drove enrollment in their Ambassador program.

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