Aha Marketing has joined Wellness Amplified to create the only full-service, multichannel influencer marketing company specializing in health & wellness.

We provide access to the largest network of digital and in-person credentialed influencers in health, wellness and nutrition.

We partner health & wellness professionals, practitioners and advocates with brands, offering marketers and their agencies the ability to reach wellness-aware consumers with brand messaging and authentic recommendations at scale.

Powerful Endorsement

Aha delivers your brand with a powerful recommendation from a trusted health or care provider.

Each year, health and personal care providers make 1.3 billion brand recommendations.

Micro Segmentation

Each campaign is tailored to reach your brand’s highest opportunity consumers.

Campaigns may be segmented by 400+ demographic and behavioral variables, targeted by retail draw area.


Aha campaigns deliver your brand to a critical mass of consumers to generate an immediate, measurable business lift.

Each quarter, 235 million consumers visit our 200,000+ venues.

Immediate Purchase

75% of our audience shops after their office visit. Your offer drives all of the consumer’s considerations: channel, retailer, aisle, brand.

Our network covers 90%+ of all major retail chain locations.