Consumers Trust H&W Professionals for Nutrition Advice

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation has released its annual Food & Health Survey, which provides some interesting findings for food marketers. The study examines consumer attitudes towards food, health, and where they turn for trusted information about nutrition.

Some of the major findings:

Health & wellness professionals continue to be an important source of advice on nutrition. Consumers consider them:

  • The most trusted source of information on food and nutrition.
  • Among the most frequently used sources of information on food and nutrition.
  • An important influence on consumers’ decisions to follow a specific diet; second only to friends and family.

Conflicting information, diet advice and product claims continue to confuse consumers. 80% strongly/somewhat agree that “there is a lot of conflicting information about what foods I should eat or avoid.” When asked about desired health benefits, 50%-60% of respondents couldn’t name a specific food that would help them achieve the benefit.

Working with health & wellness professionals to break through the noise and help consumers make sense of the conflicting claims could be a savvy move for marketers.

IFIC Food & Health Survey




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