ForYourPets Fall Program 2020

Help your cat adopters make litter less of a mess

Cat litter tracked out of the box is cat owners’ #1 problem with kitty litter*, which is why we created Clean Paws®. It’s specially formulated with low dust and larger particles so it doesn’t stick to cat fur and paws, helping keep paws and your home clean. It also clumps tight for easy scooping and eliminates odors—the second-biggest problem with kitty litter.

NEW! Unscented

Controls odors naturally & powerfully with activated charcoal.


10-day odor control guaranteed with the power of Febreze™ for multi-cat households.

Triple Action

Eliminates odors from all three sources: urine, feces, bacteria.

Register your shelter to receive Paw Points® benefits

Fresh Step® customers have the option of donating their Paw Points® Rewards to their favorite shelters—so be sure to sign up so they can donate to your shelter! It’s easy to register. Simply visit the Paw Points® registration page and enter the requested information to get started. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a referral code to give to your cat adopters. When they use the code to sign up for the program, you both receive 250 bonus points!

Spread the word: Clean Paws® works!

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When you adopt a cat from us, you need a handful of things—including litter. We recommend Fresh Step® Clean Paws® low-tracking litter, because it sticks less to your cat’s fur and paws. Get it now at Target: #sponsored #LitterLessMess

Did you know that you can donate your Fresh Step® Paw Points® Rewards to your favorite shelter? (?) Sign up today to get rewarded for a ton of activities, including purchases of Fresh Step® Clean Paws®! Get it now at Target: #sponsored #LitterLessMess

As a reminder, your shelter will receive:

  • An adoption booklet with cat care tips, adoption certificate and $3 off coupon for Clean Paws® kitty litter.
  • Newsletter for your shelter staff.
  • Opportunity for your shelter to earn free litter and shelter-specific items through Fresh Step® Paw Points®.

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*2012 Gallup Survey, n=606, Single biggest problem have with cat litter

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