VitaCholine for Expecting Moms

We are excited to announce a special program from ForYourPatients on behalf of VitaCholine. It is completely FREE and is intended to provide valuable information for healthcare professionals and their patients. More information about VitaCholine for Healthcare Providers can be found here.

VitaCholine is the premier source of choline, an essential nutrient, made to the highest standards in order to deliver expecting moms with relevant and compelling health benefits. 90% of Americans don’t meet daily choline needs and only 8% of pregnant women get enough. Choline is key for mom and babies; reducing baby’s levels of cortisol, enhancing nutrient synergies and boosting baby’s brain power. Choline intake during pregnancy, via supplements and fortified foods, may help improve a child’s ability to better focus and process information later in life.

In January 2021, your practice will receive a compact kit containing the following:

  1. Newsletter featuring information on VitaCholine, an essential nutrient for expecting moms
  2. Compact counter display with educational literature for your waiting area

As always, everything is absolutely FREE with no obligation!

If you have any questions, or wish not to receive this program, we understand. Please contact us at: or text/call us at (312) 767-1820.

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Check out this brand new video from VitaCholine, “Moms Talk Choline,”  click to view.

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