AE Dairy

AE Dairy

As a trusted child care professional or early childhood educator, parents probably ask for your advice about what’s best for their children: Dairy or plant-based milks?

AE Dairy is offering a new program with a summary of current information and research from leading pediatric and nutrition experts so you can provide parents with credible, easy-to-understand information.

Plus, we’re including a large, colorful growth chart that your families will love!

Since 1930, AE has been delivering great tasting products with an unyielding focus on quality. AE milk comes from Midwest family farms, and its products are made within hours of your store, so you know they’re fresh.  All AE milk is free from antibiotics, pesticides and added growth hormones. And, everything is tested and retested (more times than you could imagine) for purity.

Starting in February, 2018, qualified childcare centers will be receiving:

  • Newsletters with expert advice and answers to some of parents’ most common questions.
  • Large, colorful child’s wall growth chart.

Everything comes in a single, compact carton and is absolutely FREE with no obligation.

If you would like to participate, great, just click JOIN US.

If you have any questions, or wish not to receive this program, we understand.  Please contact us at: or call 312.767.1820.

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