Try NEW safe & sustainable air care products from Enviroscent®

ForYourMoms has partnered with Enviroscent® to provide Childbirth Educators with FREE air care products for you to try & enjoy as well as a special offer to share with expecting and new moms! Their non-toxic & true-to-nature air fresheners are produced with green chemistry, delivered in safer-for-you formats, and can be found in your local supermarket’s air freshener aisle.

Safer for people, pets & planet

Enviroscent® uses safer, uncompromised fragrances with higher essential oil content than competitors. They are committed to NEVER using any parabens, phthalates, synthetic carcinogens, or reproductive toxins in their products

Their patented technology uses starch & silica to control fragrance release, creating a consistent scent experience

All Enviroscent® products use biodegradable paper and are recyclable

In October, you’ll receive

FREE full sized products for you to try & enjoy, including one Plug Hub™ Warmer Starter Kit in Lemon Leaf + Thyme and one set of Scent Stix™ Refills in Lavender Tea + Honey*

An informational handout on Enviroscent’s® clean & sustainable air freshener products for internal education

Special savings to share with your expecting and new moms

P.S. Need a new stand? Text us at 312-767-1820

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

*Set of Scent Stix™ Refills in Lavender Tea + Honey are for use with the mango wood vase from Stix + Stand™ Starter Kits received in the promotion from earlier this year. If you need a replacement mango wood vase, please text us at 312-767-1820

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