Aha! Partner Programs

Join other complimentary brands in 2 exciting partner sampling programs in 2021! Samples and offers are delivered directly into the hands of consumers through influencers they trust.



Reach fitness professionals, studio owners and active consumers through a trusted network of studios including yoga, Pilates, barre, cycling, crossfit, and personal training.

Each qualified studio will receive 50 individually wrapped kits to offer as gifts to their most valued members. Samples are delivered hand-to-hand to members through trusted fitness professionals and studio owners. There is an extensive plan in place for recruiting, marketing, compliance and follow-up, including additional verification on studio openings and closings.

Studios: 500
Fitness Professionals: up to 10,000
Reach: 25,000 active consumers
Go Ahead:
Delivery: Sept. 2021
Markets: National



Reach expecting and new moms through a proprietary network of trusted doulas, midwives and childbirth educators.

Each qualifying influencer will receive 50 individually wrapped sample kits to offer as gifts to their most valued clients. Samples are delivered hand-to-hand through a woman’s own childbirth educator. Each location is part of an extensive marketing plan that includes email, direct mail and social media.

Childbirth Educator Influencers: 500
Reach: 25,000 expecting and new moms
Delivery: Fall 2021
Markets: National


“I had never heard of the product and I love skin care. I absolutely love the product and will definitely purchase in the future.”

– Weleda Skin Food

“Aha! gets your brands in the hands of your best audience, with scale. I also think they do the best job connecting emotionally based on your customers’ values and have some of the most developed, key audiences in health & wellness, natural, organic, healthcare providers, and more and through messaging, sampling and couponing. “

– Heidi, Senior Marketing Professional

“I just absolutely love this product! The spritzing canister, the sticks, the stand… it’s not something that parents will have to plug in or light with a match and then worry that their kids will hurt themselves with it. The scents are great, the ingredients are great, I’ve just become a big fan.”

– enviroscent


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