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New product samples arriving this Fall!

Thank you for being a part of the ForYourMembers community of studio owners and fitness influencers across the U.S. There’s been a big shift in the fitness landscape for our FitPro community and Aha is here to support you.

In Sept. 2021, qualified fitness professionals and fitness influencers will receive a variety of FREE product samples and offers to share with clients. This is an excellent opportunity to provide value to your members as you’re opening your doors again. Sample kits can be presented as gifts during check-in’s, special events or post-workout.

As always, everything is absolutely free with no obligation.

If you have any questions or wish not to receive this program, we understand. Please email us or text or call us at 312.767.1820.


“The students at our studio LOVED this offering. My studio is a local studio with well-educated, well-funded base. The items were talked about (along with the coupons). Thanks!”
“We loved your samples and would love them again in the future or any other samples you have.”
“It’s great. My staff are really loving them. I have them setup in all the studios with all the fliers too.”


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