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BOOST® is committed to providing nutritional products that help older adults get the protein, vitamins and minerals they need to get the most out of life, no matter their age. By becoming a BOOST® Ambassador, you can help your clients discover how BOOST® nutritional products can help meet nutritional needs to support an active lifestyle.

By signing up for the BOOST® Ambassador program, each quarter you may receive:

  • BOOST® Nutritional Products for you and your members
  • Advice and tips from BOOST® to help you support your clients’ individual nutritional needs
  • High value offers for you and your clients

You can help spread the word about BOOST® by talking to your clients one-on-one about the benefits of BOOST® Drinks, displaying coupon easels for your clients, and sharing product benefits on your social media channels.


Sign up today, or call/text 312.767.1820. We look forward to partnering with you!

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