Bob’s Red Mill Protein Powder Nutritional Boosters

Bob’s Red Mill is introducing a clean label solution to powering and refueling on the go. From the quality brand, you already know and love, Bob’s Red Mill proudly presents our new Nutritional Booster protein powders. Qualified fitness professionals will receive a kit with client & professional education, coupons, and samples of Bob’s Red Mill Protein Powder Nutritional Boosters.

Bob's Red Mill Protein Powder Nutritional BoosterWhat’s to ❤ about our Nutritional Boosters? It’s simple:

  • 20g plant-based protein per serving
  • 3g of sugar or less per serving
  • Probiotics
  • Excellent source of prebiotic dietary fiber
  • Omega-3s from chia seeds
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Excellent source of iron
  • No soy or dairy ingredients
  • Convenient packaging for easy use and storage

Let’s take a closer look at each.

20g plant-based protein per serving. Bob’s Red Mill doesn’t skimp on quality. We searched high and low, far and wide for the best-tasting, easiest-blending, most cleanly-produced protein powder and we didn’t settle. Our protein powder is extracted from yellow peas using a chemical-free, water-based process and offers 24% your daily value of protein.

3g of sugar or less per serving. The three flavored Nutritional Boosters are sweetened with the monkfruit extract, an Asian melon-like fruit, leaving out the unpleasant aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. This extract is over 100 times sweeter than sugar so just a tiny amount is in every package. With monkfruit, there’s no sugar rush and crash; just sustained energy and satiety.

Probiotics. Probiotics, such as GanedenBC30, are the good-for-you bacteria in your gut that support digestion. GanedenBC30 is so stable it doesn’t need to be refrigerated and can endure extreme temperatures, so you can make protein popsicles or muffins without compromising the effectiveness of the probiotics. Ganeden has also done extensive research on the effects of GanedenBC30 and protein. Those studies showed that GanedenBC30 supports protein utilization if consumed together: Individuals consuming the probiotic with protein observed a shorter recovery time compared to the individuals whose diets did not include the probiotic.1

Excellent source of prebiotic dietary fiber. We know probiotics support a happy gut and shorter muscle recovery, but they won’t do much for you if they can’t thrive. Organic chicory root fiber (aka inulin) feeds the probiotics, keeping them working for your wellness. Each serving has more than 40% of your daily value of fiber, which also supports regularity. The Protein & Fiber unflavored variety also contains psyllium husk fiber.

Omega-3s from chia seeds. The chia seeds in our Nutritional Boosters offer at least 220mg of Omega-3s in each serving.

Vegan. Many consumers are looking for a plant-based source of protein in favor of whey protein, so we are proud to offer this excellent source of protein without any dairy or animal products.

Gluten free. All of Bob’s Red Mill’s gluten free products are handled in a dedicated gluten free facility. We batch-test every raw material and every finished good. Whether your clients are watching gluten consumption by choice or by necessity (if at all), our Nutritional Boosters are safe for them.

Excellent source of iron. Iron is an incredibly important nutrient for blood health and oxygenation. Your vegetarian and vegan clients are especially at risk for iron deficiency. Our Nutritional Boosters boast 40% daily value of iron.

No soy or dairy ingredients. We’re not saying they’re bad, we’re just saying a lot of people avoid them. In the spirit of the clean label, the Boosters are made without.

Convenient packaging for easy use and storage. Our 16oz. Boosters come in stand-up, re-sealable pouches. You can keep them in the fridge if you prefer, but it’s not necessary. Inside each pouch is a convenient scoop for measuring – two scoops is one serving.

All that’s left to do is decide which delicious flavor you crave:

  • Protein and Fiber (unflavored and unsweetened)
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Chai (not to be confused with the chia seeds in the product)

Ready to mix it up?

Cottage Cheese Breakfast ParfaitVisit Bob’s Red Mill Recipes for creative recipes using the Boosters, including:

  • Shakes and smoothies
  • Protein popcorn
  • Protein truffles
  • Breakfast bowls
  • Bars
  • Parfaits


Find your smoothie soulmate at Bob’s Red Mill Smoothie Matchmaker.

For fitness professionals receiving the kits, you will receive:

  • Counter display with brochures & coupons for clients.
  • 76 samples of Bob’s Red Mill Protein Powder Nutritional Boosters.
  • Professional newsletters for staff.

Everything is absolutely free with no obligation.

For more information about our current fitness professional program, contact or call us at 312.767.1820.

References: 1Jäger R, Shields KA, Lowery RP, De Souza EO, Partl JM, Hollmer C, Purpura M, Wilson JM. (2016) Probiotic Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086 reduces exercise-induced muscle damage and increases recovery. PeerJ 4:e2276

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