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Free Samples & Special Offers for Health and Wellness Influencers and Professionals in Fitness and Health

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ForYourClients provides educational materials, gifts, and special offers for wellness professionals in fitness and health for your clients. Best of all, everything is completely free, with no obligation.

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ForYourClients provides special programs for health and wellness influencers in fitness and health, designed to enhance the client experience.

Our programs include educational materials, free gifts and special values on your favorite health & wellness products. Best of all, everything is completely free to you, with no obligation. No names or email addresses to collect. Our programs arrive assembled, and ready to distribute to your staff and clients. It couldn’t be easier.

We will contact you before we ship any programs. Short on space? All programs are conveniently packed in compact cartons. If you choose not to participate – no problem, just email us or call 312.767.1820.


What is ForYourClients?

We are a company that strives to enhance the experience of your clients by providing valuable education, free samples and special offers on behalf of quality brands. ForYourClients is part of Aha! Marketing. Our team has over 20 years experience serving health and wellness providers.

Our other professional networks include: healthcare, nutrition, pet, childcare and childbirth education.


What kind of materials will my studio receive?

Each program is different, but typically, your studio will receive educational materials, trial size products and offers for your fitness professionals and clients. Products may include food/snacks, beverages, beauty products and others. We pack each program in compact, convenient cartons. Because of this, distributing materials to clients and staff couldn’t be easier!

Are we going to be charged for this program?

All of our programs are completely free to your studio, with no obligation. All we ask is that you distribute materials to your clients and staff.

Why should we accept your programs?

We only offer programs that enhance the experience of your clients. Because of this, your clients and staff will love receiving valuable offers, relevant information and special gifts. Plus, we make everything easy for you.

Will I receive programs in the future?

As programs become available, we will contact you first to see if you would like to participate. To ensure you’re on our list, sign up here.

Where can I get more information?

We’d love to hear from you, no matter the reason. Contact us to cancel, return or re-order materials by emailing us, or calling 312.767.1820.

How can I get first priority for future programs?

Join us here. Feel free to share this with other professionals in your industry.

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