Aha Marketing offers lifestyle sampling and coupon delivery to consumers through trusted health, wellness and fitness influencers. Our venue sampling be segmented by 400+ demographic and behavioral variables including retail draw area.

HEALTHCARE. Reach patients & caregivers through healthcare providers in a range of specialties. Product samples and education delivered to healthcare providers and patients at point-of-care. Segmentation by specialty, condition, and category entry.

WELLNESS & NUTRITION. Delivery of branded educational materials and product samples through Registered Dietitian, Nutritionists, Chiropractors and Alternative Health Practitioners.


FITNESS. Health club and specialty studio sampling, including delivery to consumers through health clubs, personal trainers and specialty fitness, including barre, yoga, crossfit and Pilates.

PETCARE. Sampling to pet owners through animal shelters and veterinarians.  Our programs reach dog and cat owners at category entry when important brand decisions are being made.

New Moms

NEW MOMS. Reach expectant & new moms through obstetric practices and pediatricians during prenatal and well-visit appointments.

MILLENNIAL FAMILIES. We reach Millennial parents through the most trusted care providers, including childcare providers, early childhood educators, and pediatric healthcare providers.

CUSTOM CHANNELS. Aha is expert at identifying, analyzing, and developing custom consumer channels through trusted influencers to reach your key consumer targets.

PATH-TO-PURCHASE. Reach consumers through trusted professionals immediately prior to shopping trips to key customers. Consumer delivery is geo-targeted to customer retail trade areas.

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