There is a lot more to the millennial market than just teens and young adults. Today over 55% of Millennial, households have children and births to Millennials moms increases each year. With growing category needs, millennial families are a critical segment for virtually every brand and retailer.

Millennials depend on recommendations to make purchase decisions. Your branded elements – sample, consumer literature, coupons – are delivered to young families with the implied endorsement of a trusted health or personal care professional. These elements transform thousands of care providers into credible brand advocates.

Venues include pediatricians, childcare, kids gyms and parks and recreation.

  • Reaches busy working parents at the instant of trip formulation when she selects channel/retailer/category/brand.
  • Scale: we reach 85% of households with children 0-12.
  • Campaigns may be segmented by age of children in HH.
Aha Marketing is an influencer marketing agency that reaches Millennial families


Millennial family case studies