Category entry point marketing delivers your brand to consumers as they enter a new lifestage or adopt a new lifestyle. Faced with a range of category and brand choices, they turn to trusted sources, like health and personal care providers, for advice and education.  Aha can place your brand in the center of the conversation.

Healthcare providers and educators frequently utilize our programs in patient education and classroom lesson plans.

Studies show that category entry point marketing provides substantial benefits:

  • Category entry campaigns generate higher conversion rates and ROI.
  • Makes your brand first-to-market in the minds of new consumers; allows you to define and educate consumers on your category and brand benefits.
  • Greater repeat purchase and loyalty.
  • Constantly replenishes a brand’s user base.

Aha reaches consumers at a range of category entry points:

  • Acculturation (ESL classes)
  • Healthcare: Newly diagnosed conditions (diabetes, heart disease, gastro disease)
  • Caregivers
  • New moms
  • New pet owners.

Aha! Marketing- Entry Point Marketing

Aha! Marketing- Petcare

Aha! Marketing- Healthcare Providers