Aha drove Safeway pharmacy traffic and app downloads by reaching moms at their pediatricians during the height of the cold and flu season.

78% of moms shop after a pediatrician visit.

64% have a prescription in hand.


Safeway presented Aha with two challenges: drive traffic to Safeway pharmacies and drive app downloads for the Safeway Wellness Advisor.


The perfect solution to achieve both objectives was a point of care campaign reaching young moms through their pediatrician.  Over three-fourths of young moms make a shopping trip following their pediatric office visit and over half of the moms with smartphones use it to look up health information.

All of the pediatric offices were strategically selected within 5 miles of Safeway, Vons, and  Pavilions locations.


Deliver consumer coupons with 10% off groceries with flu shot and QR code to download app.

Take-one displays set on office counter.

Professional education materials for staff.

Versions of all elements were created for each Safeway banner: Safeway, Vons,  and Pavilions.


The campaign provided coverage for over 150 pharmacies in key Northern and Southern California zips and reached consumers at the height of cold & flu season, maximizing store traffic and app downloads.

Safeway pharmacy display

Safeway pharmacy pediatrician

Safeway pharmacy professional newsletter

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