Aha helped Burt’s Bees Baby generate trial among new moms and healthcare providers, while driving traffic to Walgreens.

“LOVE Burt’s Bees, gave to all my patients.”

Pediatrician, Chicago, IL


  • Generate trial of new Burt’s Bees baby care products
  • Drive traffic to key Walgreen stores near major hospitals/medical office centers.


  • Reach the consumer target: F18-45, with infant, that seeks out natural products.
  • Reach target consumers during a visit to their pediatricians – the most trusted source of childcare advice.
  • Utilize Point of Care to drive consideration just prior to shopping occasion
  • Convert healthcare providers into advocates for Burt’s Bees.


  • Deliver consumer literature to consumers through pediatricians
  • Counter display with coupon pads placed in reception area
  • Product samples and professional education materials created and provided to physicians and staff.
  • Links on ForYourPatients.net, a portal linking professionals and Aha Marketing.


According to a phone survey of participating healthcare professionals

  • 93% of healthcare professionals said the campaign was helpful to their new moms and staff.
  • 37% of healthcare professionals are “much more likely” and 56% are “somewhat more likely” to recommend Burt’s Bees Baby to their moms.
  • 26% rated the campaign “Excellent”, 67% rated the campaign “very good”.
  • 93% would like to repeat the program
Aha Marketing - Burt's Baby samples
Aha! Marketing - Burt's Bees Baby
Aha Marketing - Walgreens
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