The Aha process starts with understanding client objectives, goals and measurement. We work to create branding and product sampling campaigns to reach your highest value consumers with a relevant, actionable message.

Aha process - Step 1

Identify Networks

Aha has access to influencers across a range of channels, and can develop customized networks of brand advocates. Clients leverage our relationships with practitioners in healthcare, childcare, pet care, education, fitness and nutrition.

Aha Process Step 2


Through a combined 40+ years of experience, we are expert at matching the right health & wellness expert with your target consumer and retail customer. This is where things like consumer lifestage, medical condition, psychographics, shopping behavior, preferred retail customers and personal interests come into play.

Aha Process Step 3


Each campaign is custom designed to precisely meet your brands objectives, desired scale and budget. Aha provides a complete service offering including concept and content development, creative, production, fulfillment, shipping, consumer delivery and post-campaign measurement.

Aha Process Step 4


Each campaign is designed to capture the data you need, from both influencers and consumers, to determine success. Our post-campaign report includes analysis of participating influencers, locations, impressions, engagement levels, retail store coverage, social media measurement, as well as audit results that include value to consumers and provider, brand recommendation, overall rating, and likelihood to participate in the future.