The Evolution of High-Touch Marketing

With consumers getting used to being reached by brands in entirely new and different ways, retailers and small businesses are adapting with new engagement and revenue strategies, from cooking classes to home deliveries. When your target consumer is ready to purchase your product or service, how do you ensure you’re top of mind? We believe trust is the most effective form of marketing communication and that’s why our “high touch” strategy is so effective. Your sample or brand is authentically delivered by someone known and trusted.

If your network doesn’t exist yet, we build it. Want to reach zookeepers or personal chefs?! Aha, we got you!

Here is a glimpse of a few of our curated networks and their supporting professional (B2B) sites:

Networks just for you

Delivery of branded promotional materials to over 4MM+ pet households through veterinarians, animal shelters, groomers, and boarders. Email marketing, organic social activations, and mobile advertising. Read our story on how the pandemic has increased demand for forever homes.

Targeted reach to 3MM+ expecting and new moms through childbirth educators (Doulas, Midwives), OB/GYNs and Pediatricians. In a recent survey, 98% of our influencers are somewhat or much more likely to recommend a brand after participating in one of our programs (source: Aha! audit results 2018-2020). Read about how more expecting families are choosing natural childbirth educators.

Access to 3MM+ active adults through personal trainers, fitness instructors, and studio/gym owners. Sampling, email marketing, organic social and mobile advertising. Check out our fitness kit partner program delivering in March 2021!

Aha! Moment: The Crock-Pot

With school back in session and the cooler temps on the way, many reminisce about the quick family meals of childhood. Chili, roasts, and soups were thrown into the pot in the morning, with a savory scent that wafted through the house by 5PM. Those memories got us thinking about how this kitchen tool came about! Irving Nachumsohn was born in New Jersey in 1902, and eventually landed in Chicago where he was Western Electric’s first Jewish engineer. In their household, the slow cooker was a solution to summer heat, allowing the family to prepare meals without turning on the oven. The story doesn’t end there- read more about this Aha! Moment via

Our highly established networks of lifestyle & wellness influencers are ready to get back to business and are excited to share brands with their clients! If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact a member of our team.

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